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Imagine being a young child or teen abruptly removed from your home and not having the opportunity to get your favorite pillow, that special toy, pictures and all the things that are dear to your heart. But more importantly, imagine being away from your parents and the place you call home.

Although efforts are made for such moves to be temporary, oftentimes, a weekend turns into months and months turn into years. In the meantime, there are several of these type moves with all the grief and loss, separation and anxiety, anger, resentment, hopelessness, depression and medication that comes with such a journey. Over time, some children in foster care begin to thrive in hopes that reunification will soon occur with their birth family. Oh, Happy Day!

But for a large majority of children, they will remain in foster care for several years, experience hardships unknown to society at large, and have to navigate a very complex system on top of just trying to be a normal child.

Recognizing there is nothing that can minimize the grief and loss that come with children spending time in foster care, Lindsey Kate’s Closet, Inc., believes every child deserves unconditional love, their basic needs met, guidance, encouragement, and the ability to enjoy fun and age appropriate activities like their peers.

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